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Related post: 20 .30 40 MAP 20 - Geographic distribution of Luehea paniculate ~8JO Purchase Progesterone ""7T(f 6|0 ' - 5|0 Plate XX-1 Herbarium specimen University of Brasilia - 131 - 1. BOTANICAL NAME: Maytenus buchananii (Loes.) Wilczek SYNONYMS: Gymnosporia buchananii Loes. Maytenus ovata (Walp.) Loes. var. ovata forma pubescens Buy Cheap Progesterone Blakelock partly FAMILY: Celastraceae COMMON NAMES: Mudziadzyah (Digo, Kenya), Umutukuza, Urutka (Rwanda), Mukululubishia (Katenga), Mutumbwishia (Zambia), Musoma Progesterone Online (Kindembo, Zaire)) Umushubi (Musaka, Zaire), Mubamba ngoma, Mumpulukuswa, Pulukusva (Kitabwa, Zaire), Musonga, Sombo (Kiluba, Zaire), Umasakara, Umutukaza ( Kinyaruanda , Zaire) 2. ECOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTION An understorey, light demanding tree of open lowland, montane and riverine forests and forest margins, also high rainfall savanna woodlands. It occurs on a wide range of soils including sandy, larval and limestone soils; acid soils preferred. Altitudinal distribution ranges between 15 and 2400m, but according to herbarium records the main distribution lies between 1100 and 1500m. In the absence of any published information the climatic parameters have been obtained by comparing the distribution of the species with the climatic diagrams of Walter & Lieth (1969). The inferred rainfall is 850-2000 (-3000) mm per annum with a o short dry season. The mean annual temperatures are 19-28 C. It is inferred that Maytenus buchananii is unlikely to be frost tolerant. The species is widely distributed in tropical Africa being recorded from Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Fernando Po, Central African Republic, Zaire, Rwanda, burundi, S. Sudan, S. Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Order Progesterone Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia Angola (see distribution Buy Progesterone Online map). 3. DESCRIPTION Shrub or small evergreen tree 2-12m high, sometimes more or less scandent, with paired spines up to 2.8mm long; inner bark of large stems red with a thin, bright yellow layer just under the outer grey surface; small stems pink slash without yellow layer and can be confused with Flacourtia spp.; branches more or less flattened and angular, brown to grey, puberulous when young. Leaves spirally arranged, simple, petiolate; petiole 2-9mm long, pale when green to wine red; lamina elliptic or elliptic- oblong to ovate, oblanceolate or suborbicular , 1-1. 7cm long, 0.8-8cm wide, apex obtuse to rounded or rarely acute to shortly acuminate, especially when young, base attenuate to cuneate, rarely rounded, margins shallowly crenulate-serrulate, glabrous, coriaceous, pale to yellowish- or mid-green, sometimes paler below, lateral nerves and dense reticulate venation more prominent below than above. Inflorescence of solitary, axillary, dichasial or mono c has ial cymes, 0.5-2. 3cm long; whitish puberulous; pedicels- 2 -5mm long, puberulous, articulated in the lower half; flowers 3-25 per cyme, about 2.5mm in diameter, polygamous, 5-merous. Sepals lanceolate to triangular, 0.5-1. 25mm long, apex acute to subacute, margins ciliolate; petals white to cream, oblong, 1.5-2. 5mm long, margins ciliolate to more or less entire; stamens 5, exceeding to slightly shorter than petals, filaments l-3mm long, slender, arising from below the disk; disk narrow, convex, not lobed, about 1.25-1. 5mm in diameter; ovary ovoid, 3-locular, about one quarter immersed in disk, style up to 0.75mm long, 3-fid at apex. Fruit a pink or red capsule, obconic, 4-1 Omni long, 3-sided, truncate or lobes slightly ascending, coriaceous, smooth. Seeds (2-)3, red, turning brown, glossy with fleshy white to pale yellow aril at base. (Robson, 1966; Sesebe Demissew, 1983). Flowering during the first half of the rains, fruiting in the latter half. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES May tans ine has been isolated from the stem wood of Kenyan M. buchananii (Sneden & Buy Progesterone Beemsterboer, 1980). The compound has been extensively Order Progesterone Online studied as part of the drug development programme of the Division of Cancer Treatment, National Cancer Institute in Bethseda, USA Purchase Progesterone Online (Dorr & Fritz, 1980), in the course of which as much as 15,000kg of the stem wood was collected in 1976 (Sneden & Beemsterber, 1980). The drug has now reached phase II clinical trials (Cassady cMt al . , 1981) despite earlier indications of marked toxicity (Chabner e al. , 1978). Considerable activity has been Generic Progesterone directed towards it synthesis (Meyers & Shaw, 1974; Meyers e al . , 1975; Meyers & Brinkmeyer, 1975; Corey & Bock, 1975; Elliott & Fried, 1976). Maytansine has shown significant activity against various animal tumours, including B-16 melanoma, lymphatic leukaemia, and carsinosarcoma. Cytotoxic activity appears to be caused by inhibition of the proper formation of the mitotic spindle and thus cessation of cell division (Remillard et al. , 1975). Side effects noted in phase I human studies were mainly gastro-intestinal , hepatic, and neurological. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and lethargy have been reported as being dose-limiting (Chabner et. a 1 . , 1978). Structure/activity-relationship studies have shown that the C-3 ester group is essential for in vivo activity (Kupchan et aK , 1974, 1975). 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES Roots of the related Maytenus senegalensis (Lam.) Exell (the Confetti tree) chipped into beer have been used in Zambia as an aphrodisiac (Lewis & Elvin-Lewis, 1977^; The
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